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Cutting-edge Hospital Technology

Real-time tracking and updating of prescriptions

The ideal support for the medical professional.


Advanced Clinical Nutrition Technology

The cutting-edge Nutrisoftcare system streamlines the preparation, packaging, labeling, and storage of individualized nutritional supplements prescribed for patients in hospital settings and senior living facilities.


This machinery seamlessly integrates with the institution's central data hub, receiving precise information regarding each patient's nutritional prescriptions. Such integration enhances both the production and management of the supplements. Moreover, it provides real-time updates on stock status and replenishment needs, offering a comprehensive management of nutritional supplements.


Its patented method for batch supplement production has been recognized as a World Novelty by the International Patent Office. This innovation automates the preparation of supplements for each meal shift, allowing medical staff to prioritize patient care.


Furthermore, the system incorporates an automatic disinfection process using UV-C LEDs, ensuring a preparation environment free from viruses and bacteria within its preparation chambers.

Nutrisoftcare: Redefining the future of clinical nutrition


Precision in Clinical Nutritional Management

In the realm of contemporary medical care, precision and efficacy are paramount. The patented Nutrisoftcare system embodies a holistic solution, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in clinical nutritional management. Below, delve into how this groundbreaking solution operates and its potential to revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

Real-time Communication

Nutrisoftcare seamlessly interfaces with a healthcare facility's primary data infrastructure. This dynamic link ensures that the system is always informed of the latest nutritional directives, guaranteeing that patients are provided with nutrition that aligns perfectly with their medical recommendations.

Precision-Driven Labeling

Harnessing advanced laser labeling techniques, every supplement is tagged with an unmistakable barcode. This not only minimizes potential mix-ups but also ensures that patients are matched with the exact nutrition designed for their needs.

Exclusive Interchangeable Cartridges

The system boasts 10 interchangeable and reusable cartridges that store various powdered nutritional ingredients: high biological value protein, clear thickener, regulatory fiber, complete diet, lactose-free milk, freeze-dried fruit, cocoa, coffee, sweetener, and emulsifier. Exclusive software enables the precise combination of these ingredients as the foundation for supplement preparation.

Water Purification

High-quality water is vital for supplement formulation. The system uses a reverse osmosis filter to transform tap water into water with very weak mineralization, removing unwanted tastes. This ensures each supplement is based on water that meets the highest quality standards.

Airtight Sealing

The system employs a thermosealing mechanism, ensuring that each supplement remains in peak condition until consumption.

High-Power Mixer

Supplements achieve the ideal texture through a high-power mixing system, making it easier for patients to consume supplements tailored to their needs.

Automatic UV-C Light Disinfection

Integrated UV-C lights within the food preparation areas eradicate up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Periodic disinfection processes guarantee the safety of the nutritional supplements for every patient.

Cooling Compartment

A refrigerated compartment keeps supplements at the ideal temperature until delivery to patients. The system organizes prepared shake batches into distinct trays. Additionally, a see-through door enables healthcare professionals to oversee production stages and check patient details whenever necessary.

Exclusive Software and Touchscreen Interface

Nutrisoftcare's software effortlessly melds with existing hospital systems, simplifying how doctors and nutritionists prescribe based on a patient's medical profile.

Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen, the machine offers healthcare staff immediate access to production workflows and a quick glance at its operational health and maintenance needs.

Intuitive Prescription Algorithm

Supplement prescription is straightforward and user-friendly. Our algorithm empowers healthcare professionals to quickly design and implement the most suitable supplement tailored to each patient's dietary needs. The system boasts the capability to offer over 300 supplement variations.


Advantages for Suppliers and Healthcare Facilities

Nutrisoftcare stands as a comprehensive answer to clinical nutritional supplementation needs. By bridging the gap between ingredient suppliers and healthcare centers, it ensures a seamless and efficient synergy.


For suppliers, Nutrisoftcare offers the assurance that their products will be administered with utmost precision and quality. For healthcare facilities, this machinery emerges as a valuable ally, streamlining processes, reducing errors, and enhancing safety for both medical staff and patients. This system guarantees quality from ingredient selection to patient delivery.


The machine guarantees an exact match between medical prescriptions and the supplements delivered to patients.

Data Insights

The system enables in-depth exploration and analysis of nutritional data related to patient supplementation.


Nutrisoftcare streamlines workflows, freeing up valuable time and resources for healthcare staff.


Waste is minimized thanks to the reusable cartridge system embraced by suppliers and the use of compostable packaging.


Complete tracking of each supplement is ensured with individual labeling and barcodes.


The machine delivers precise textures and eradicates microbiological risks associated with manual preparation.

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